68th Season Kickoff Party - Peninsula Symphony
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68th Season Kickoff Party

How We Honored Our Longest-Standing Musicians & Welcomed our Fortissima Season




This past Saturday, I was able to take part in a tradition at PSO for the first time – the season Kickoff party!  What a memorable event filled with long-time friends, colleagues, fellow musicians, board members, staff, and gracious hosts, Ellis & Karen Alden.  The afternoon was filled with memory making and memory recollecting.  PSO members who have been performing with the orchestra for over 20 years were honored, given a certificate for their dedication and talent, along with a kiss, handshake, or hug and personal introduction from our beloved maestro Mitchell Sardou Klein.  It was a sight to behold, and something I know I (and those present) will never forget.    I truly felt on that day that PSO is more than just a musical ensemble – it’s a family.

Twenty-eight (!) of our musicians have been with us for over twenty years.  In a 90-person orchestra, that’s nearly one-third. These members are committed often professionally-trained musicians that volunteer their time, talent, and support to further the mission of Peninsula Symphony.  Along the way, they’ve created lasting bonds and contributed to PSO beyond just notes and rhythms in its 67 year history.  This is what PSO is made of.  This is what PSO looks like.  Family, friends, musicianship, and commitment beyond belief.

Here are just a few pictures from the memorable event (photo credit Michael Frumkin):


Ron Miller (clarinet, sax, composer) – 29 years


Anne Powell (cello & stage manager) – 30 years


Brian Holmes (French horn) – 33 years


Randy Nickel (French horn) – 35 years


Susanne Bohl (violin), Sophia Shatas, Michael Frumkin (photographer), Susan Dworak, Joe Dworak, Jshon Thomas (violin)


Debra Fong (PSO concertmaster), Jerry Saliman (violin), Carolyn Worthington (viola), Madeleine Graham (cello)


Mitchell Sardou Klein (Music Director/Conductor), Sheri Frumkin (Managing Director), Marilyn Ritter (Board Member)


Karen Tsuei (violin), Kim Bonnett (violin), Doug Slaton (cello), Brad Gibson (violin)


Celeste Misfeldt (harp), Thomas Hansen (piano), Juliet Hamak (bassoon)


Alan Bien (Board Chairman), Ellis Alden (Board Member/host), Karen Alden (Board Member/host)

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