The Planets - Peninsula Symphony
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FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
San Mateo Performing Arts Center
600 N. Delaware Street, San Mateo
SATURDAY, MAY 20, 2017
Heritage Theatre

1 W. Campbell Ave., Campbell
BOTH CONCERTS 8:00 PM | Pre-concert lecture 7:00 PM

We conclude our season by voyaging through the solar system, guided by Bay-area astronomer Andrew Fraknoi, in a performance that melds music, NASA photography, story-telling, and the magic of Gustav Holst’s wildly popular and influential masterpiece, The Planets. Nancy Bloomer Deussen completes our trip around the planets with Transit of Venus.

An introduction and gallery of dramatic space images will be provided by Fraknoi for both The Planets and Transit of Venus. Also featured: the debut performance of William Langlie-Miletich, the winner of the 2016 Irving M. Klein International String Competition (the first-ever winner on double bass!) in the Bottesini Bass Concerto No. 2.

Click HERE for information about our student art contest.

Click HERE for program notes by Mitchell Sardou Klein.


William Langlie-Miletich, bass
2016 Irving M. Klein International String Competition winner

Andrew Fraknoi
Chair, Astronomy Department, Foothill College


Nancy Bloomer Deussen
Transit of Venus

Concerto No. 2 in b minor
William Langlie-Miletich, bass
2016 Klein International String Competition Winner

Gustav Holst
The Planets, op. 32
Featuring Masterworks Chorale


The eclipse glasses being distributed at these performances have been donated to the Peninsula Symphony by Google and the American Astronomical Society. The Symphony would like to thank Andrew Fraknoi for arranging this donation. For more information about the August 21 eclipse, see Prof. Fraknoi’s free booklet on the Web at: