This season, we are making several upgrades to enhance your overall concert experience so that both our loyal patrons and new classical music lovers get the most out of your very own Peninsula Symphony event.

+ Who are the musicians?

Led by Music Director and Conductor Mitchell Sardou Klein, all of our orchestra members are classically trained musicians who have spent decades performing and perfecting their crafts. Many of them came from some of the most renowned conservatories and music schools around the world; some are reputable educators and performers in their own right. With a majority of PSO musicians working in a different professional field, we are one of the most diverse community orchestras in the United States.

+ How do I get tickets?

There are three ways to get tickets to all PSO concerts. If you are reading this, the easiest way is to click on the 2018/19 Season menu above and pick the concerts or subscription series you want to purchase. The whole process should take less than five minutes.

If you prefer to speak with one of our representatives, you can call the PSO office at (650) 941-5291, Monday through Friday from 10AM to 4PM.

For those of you who live/work near Los Altos, you're also welcome to stop by our office at 146 Main Street Suite 102, Los Altos, CA 94022, Monday through Friday from 10AM to 4PM and purchase your tickets in person.

+ What is the policy for discounted tickets?

We offer discounts on single tickets for children, students, and seniors. We consider children to be 12 years old and under. Students are between the ages of 13 and 18, or currently enrolled at least part-time in an accredited institution with valid student I.D. Seniors are 62 and older.

+ Is there a dress code for PSO concerts?

We want you to be as comfortable as possible at our concerts. We do, however, ask that our patrons respect others and the musicians. Something that you would wear to an art gallery opening or a first date is perfect. Over the years, our loyal patrons have shown they are the classiest crowd in the Bay Area. *Superman cape is not recommended

+ Do you have any dining recommendations?

There are plenty of fabulous dining options near and around the venues where PSO performs. We're working hard to compile a list of partner restaurants we can recommend to our patrons. In the meantime, try Yelp or OpenTable to find your choice of cuisine before and after our concerts.

+ Can I bring electronic devices to the concerts?

It would be hard to imagine leaving the comfort of our own home without our phone and other electronic devices these days. We ask that you will turn off all electronic devices for the duration of the concerts. Also, if you use hearing aids, we ask that you kindly test them before you arrive. We have occasionally received complaints about high-pitched buzzing sounds that is released from a certain model of hearing aids, therefore disrupting other guests' experiences. Typically, the pitch is not in the appropriate key for the piece of music we are playing nor is written in the score.

+ What time does the concert hall open?

The lobby and box office open 90 minutes before the start time of each performance. The house opens 30 minutes before the concert. When there is a pre-concert lecture scheduled - which is often the case with PSO concerts - the audience can enter the house one hour prior. Please call our office at (650) 941-5291 for specific concert-by-concert information.

+ Is there a pre-concert lecture?

A pre-concert lecture takes place at most of our subscription concerts one hour prior to the concert start time and lasts approximately 30 minutes. You are more than welcome to sit closer to the stage in any available seat during the lecture, but please return to your assigned seat afterward. The lecture will be mic'd and is a great way to learn more about the pieces you'll hear during the performance. Please see individual concert pages to confirm if there a lecture is scheduled.

+ Can I still get tickets on the day of the show?

Yes. Provided that the particular concert is not sold out, our box office opens 90 minutes before showtimes. Same-day online ticket sales end 2 hours prior to the concert start time.

+ Where should I park?

There are multiple parking options for each of our venues. Please visit our Concert Venues page for details.

+ What is the policy for bringing children to the concerts?

Children aged four or younger are only admitted to the Family Concert series.