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One of the best ways to get involved or give back to Peninsula Symphony is to volunteer your time. We have several opportunities that include everything from office administrative help to volunteering at events or at the theatre during performances. We are always seeking individuals who can help us accomplish our mission and make a difference through their time and effort. Please contact Chelsea Chambers, Director of Operations, at (650) 941-5291 or chelsea@peninsulasymphony.org to find out how you can help.


In-kind gifts are very valuable to Peninsula Symphony and are also fully tax-deductible. Please note the following wish list, and let us know if you can accommodate PSO with any of the items requested.
• Guest housing and frequent flyer miles for visiting artists
• Catering and restaurant services for special events
• Wine for special events
• One-of-a-kind experiences and opportunities for auction fundraisers
• Working keyboards, wind, string, and percussion instruments for youth programs
• Projector screen & projector for on-stage visuals
• Loan of a truck or large vehicle around concert dates for transporting timpani and other large instruments/items
• Acoustic shell for performances
• Office supplies (including copy paper and stamps)